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Finding a great domain name for your site is as important, as it is a challenge. As usual, when searching for a domain name for this game, I was in a serious doubt. It had to be a .com name, and as it usually is with these domain names, the really great ones are already taken. 

Back in the days, I heard a great rule for picking good domain names. It is:

“You have to be able to remember and write down the domain name, even if you hear it over the radio.”

That’s why I generally avoid domain names with dashes and numbers. The issue with the dashes is how to spell such a domain name - "something dash something dash else dot com". It doesn’t work. Looks clumsy and is generally a no-no for me. 

The presence of a number always adds uncertainty if it spelled with letters or with a digit. 

So, how did I end up buying a domain name with whole three numbers in it? Well, it is related to the game itself. The whole family of similar games is called “match three games”. In reality, you can match a sequence of 3, 4, or 5 tiles, gems, candies, etc. It is not possible to match 6, because this would assume that you have a set of three gems, lying around somewhere on the game field, which is not allowed by the logic of the game. After I realized how beautifully the match345 string aligns with the rules of the game, I had to use this domain name. Furthermore, it was available, and I snapped it immediately. 

I do want to believe that if you have more numbers in a domain name, then people would assume that it is more logical to enter them with digits, and not with words. Anyway, I don’t plan on buying as a separate domain name. I’ll take the risk. 

Actually, I almost bought “”, but decided that the “Picchu” part is a little bit confusing. The funny thing is that someone has already snapped the domain name :)

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