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COVID-19 - Stay at home and play games

Most likely, this is going to be quite irrelevant after one year. However, I will leave it here for history purposes. 

The development of the game started at the beginning of January 2020. I was staying at home. I already had my fair share of quarantines. In the middle of Dec 2019, my kids got chicken pox one after the other. Since my colleagues all have little kids too, I didn’t want to be the one to give them this Christmas present. Eventually, they recovered and went to the kindergarten, only to bring the next seasonal viruses. I held the front for a while, until I got a nasty cough, which bothered me until the spring. 

At that point, me and my wife made the monumentally stupid decision to book a trip to Japan for the spring. Shortly after that I noticed the reports about a virus, emerging in the region, and started following the only media where there was more information and reports - Reddit. 

While we were discussing the features of the game with Adam, we started to mention the Coronavirus more and more. At the beginning, even I was like “the flu has killed many more people”. However, as the reports were mounting, it became apparent that this is something much more serious. Adam had a business trip planned for the spring. We slowly started realizing that we may have to change our plans and in my case - swallow an unpleasant financial loss for the tickets. 

In the same time, the carelessness of the rest of the world (authorities and population) was getting more and more disturbing. It all looked as the following clip from Monty Python and the Holy Grail:
People had all the time to prepare, and yet, they did nothing, with little exceptions. It was just like looking and the coming train, while staying on the tracks. 

My wife is a nurse and I started stocking up on masks, so that she has at least quality protective gear when the situation gets serious. We stocked on food just in case. 

The game was ready in the beginning of March. Of course, I slacked a bit to put it online, because this is my nature. However, we were hit with a real quarantine in my country on Mar 14, and I finally had to sit on my bottom and do the needful. 

I’m really proud of the Match345 game. It turned out really nicely. I’m sure that you have lots of entertainment at your disposal, but it will be great if you consider playing this little game too. 

So, stay at home, stay safe, play games and do all those things you didn’t have time for.

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