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More games for you

The simple HTML5/JavaScript games are an obsession of mine. Through the years, I’ve gathered a small portfolio of such games that you can enjoy. Basically, there is a huge choice of game apps for Android and iOS, but not that much for the PC and Mac. Smartphones and tablets are great, but there is a specific old-school charm in grabbing the mouse and clicking through a bunch of games in your browser. At least, for me. 

Here is a humble list for you to enjoy:

Klondike Solitaire - a classic patience game, the mother and father of the holy procrastination and wasted office time. This is the game that started it all for me. 

Vegas Solitaire - a version of the Solitaire patience game with a twist that makes it much harder to win. 

Both above Solitaire flavors allow the option to draw one or three cards. 

Spider Solitaire - another Solitaire patience game. It shares similarities with the above games, but is also quite different and addictive in its own way. The development process of this script was a nightmare, but it is almost there where I wanted it. It still has to be polished to mark all the checkboxes for me. The development of this game is a whole short story and I will definitely write it down when the game is ready. Furthermore, there is still room for the development process to go south in unexpected ways, which will add to the story. 

BattleSolitaire - well, this one is a unique game. At least, for the Internet. A very simple patience game, with scoring that was borrowed from Vegas Solitaire, BattleSolitaire can give you hours of fun. Go to the site and access the tutorial in order to get the idea. The rules are dead simple, but the game is very hard to beat. I’ve promised myself to create a video tutorial, but, you know, procrastination…

2048 With Unlimited Undo - 2048 is a very different puzzle game. It is not based on cards, but on numbers. There are many versions of the game that are floating around, however this one is the best choice, because it provides an option for Undo. The original game doesn’t and with others you can take only a few steps back. Here you can take whole 1000 steps back. 

All the above games are mobile friendly. You can play them in your desktop browser, and in the browser of your smartphone, without having to install an app. Just place a link in your speed dial and you are ready to go. 

Other games for you to enjoy:

Klondike Solitaire
Vegas Solitaire
Spider Solitaire
2048 With Unlimited Undo
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