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How to play the match three HTML5/JavaScript game

Objective - Reach the level target score.

Drag to swap two adjacent gems to create a match of 3 or more of the same shape.

A line of 3 or more removes the gems from the board awarding points for each gem removed.

A line of 4 will also create a bomb of the matched shape. Match the bomb in a line with the same shape to detonate it.

A line of 5 creates either:

A wildcard gem that when swapped with a shape removes all of that same shape from the board.
A horizontal lightning gem that detonates an entire row when matched with it's own shape.
A vertical lightning gem that detonates an entire column when matched with it's own shape.

Matching two lines simultaneously in a T or and L shape creates a cross gem that will remove the entire column and row it is swapped into.


Gems falling after a detonation will sometimes result in another match3+ creating a "streak".
A streak of three lines creates a random horizontal or vertical lightning when the streak is over. These lightnings go off immediately.
A streak of four or more lines creates a random cross lightning that goes off immediately after the streak is over.

Additional bonus points are awarded for:

Match 4.
Match 5.
Streaks of 2,3,4,5 etc.

Hints and penalties:

Certain levels will show a hint after a certain amount of inactivity. Be careful though - some levels may also remove points for being too slow!

A little bit of history is a reincarnation of the classic Bejeweled game. The original game was introduced back in 2001 by a company named PopCap. Its first name was “Diamond Mine”, but was later changed after pressure from Microsoft. 

The game has started with a web-based version and saw great success. Through the years it was ported to many platforms (Windows, Mac OS, even Xbox and Palm OS). The mobile revolution did not pass it by, either. Currently, the Android and iOS versions have millions of downloads. The original match three game has been cloned fiercely. The Google Play Store and the App store are full of apps where the users can match and blast jewels, candy, and gems on a quest to become mobile stars. 

And, here comes this humble site…


There are multiple online versions of the match three game. However, most of them are based on the dying Adobe technology Flash, which I genuinely hate. My name is Elias Petkov and the mobile zombie apocalypse did not pass me by either. I do stare at my phone when I travel in the subway like all the other regular folks. However, as a 90s kid, when I go home, I do like to sit at my desktop, fire my browser, and play a web game. A few months ago I searched for a quality HTML 5 / JavaScript Bejeweled version, and I was not quite successful. Indeed, there are some options available. However, they did feel clumsy and too far away from my favorite mobile clone - Jewels Star. 

On a side note, I’m partially color blind. Most of the online versions had gems with shapes and colors so close to each other, that playing was a real struggle for my imperfect color perception. 

So, the game had to be:
  - Web based.
  - Written in HTML5/JavaScript/CSS.
  - Fluid as a mobile app.
  - With shapes and colors that are suitable for my specific condition. 

None of the available online games ticked all the boxes. The solution was to build one! The problem - I can’t code JavaScript to save my life. 

As far as I know, I’m not on the spectrum, but I do tend to get pretty obsessive when I run into a challenge, such as the above. In such cases I go to my favorite freelance site, post a job, and roll the dice. The forces of Internet connected me with a guy named Adam Cheong from He turned out to be the perfect guy for the job. While I had a general idea about what I wanted, I was pretty oblivious about the details. Adam applied his expertise and experience, and offered me options to choose from. While the game was taking shape, we had a lot of fun chatting about our different life experiences, successes, and failures. 

A couple of months later the game was ready and the final product is here for you to enjoy. 

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